Aminé - Plastic Life

  • Artist: Aminé
  • Track: Plastic Life
  • Producer: Jahosh

Note: Infinit Records LLC has requested this record be removed.

Despite the widespread dislike of “gold-diggers,” plenty of musicians seem eager to chase after the kind of women whose love can be bought with designer clothes and other expensive gifts. Ladies who walk up to Aminé with their hand out, however, are barking up the wrong tree. On his latest single, the buzzmaking singer/songwriter viciously criticizes the Plastic Life lived by chicks who value attention and appearances over authenticity and self-sufficiency. (Don't worry; superficial dudes get what's coming to them in verse two.) Jahosh provides a moody instrumental backdrop for Aminé's animated vocals, and Ronald Reid directs the official visual accompaniment. Feeling it? More awaits on the artist's En Vogue EP, available now for free streaming in the Booth.