Anais Aida - Recover

  • Artist: Anais Aida
  • Track: Recover
  • Producer: Trakgirl, Arca, Geoff Strausser, Chris Madden, Episode
  • Album: Out in the Waves EP

Born in Toulouse, France to a Senegalese father and French mother and raised... well, pretty much everywhere, rising R&B songstress Anais Aida boasts a sound every bit as electic as her background. Today, she introduces her singular style to our pages by way of new EP single Recover. Trakgirl, Arca, Geoff Strausser, Chris Madden and Episode all crowd around the mixing boards, crafting a lush, yet understated beat whose twists and turns mirror the emotional tumult behind Aida's vocals. Out in the Waves is scheduled for release in early February. In the meantime, we'll keep you supplied with the latest singles.