Anthony Flammia - Good Day (Live Performance) - DJBooth

Anthony Flammia - Good Day (Live Performance)

  • Artist: Anthony Flammia
  • Track: Good Day (Live Performance)
  • Producer: Anthony Flammia
  • Album: The Looper

Did you have a Good Day? Regardless, it's about to get better. Two weeks ago, DJBooth proudly presented the premiere of Anthony Flammia's latest album, The Looper. The multitalented Yonkers native created the entire album that same night, live in front of a studio audience, through a process of looping his own voice to stack beatboxing, harmonies and singing to create every song. Don't worry, we had cameras in the building to shine some light on this novel approach to album recording, where you'll see Anthony moving back and forth from mic to Loopstation as each song progresses and builds. For the album's first record (after the intro), Good Day, which we're releasing in conjunction with Bad Man, the positive vibes are in full effect as Flammia perfectly encapsulates the joy and satisfaction of having a truly great day, but most of all, the ability to really appreciate the simple things in life - like seeing the ones you love or simply waking up in the morning - and being able to crack a smile.