Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton - Freedom

  • Artist: Anthony Hamilton
  • Track: Freedom
  • Producer: Kevin Wooten
  • Album: Django Unchained Soundtrack

Not only did John Legend's Who Did That to You?, single number two off the Django Unchained soundtrack LP, erase the bad taste of lackluster lead effort 100 Black Coffins from Boothgoers' mouths, but it was hailed as some of the G.O.O.D. Music soulman's finest work in recent memory. Clearly, someone's been paying attention to our feedback, as the latest song release, Anthony Hamilton's Freedom, boasts a similarly cinematic, vintage soul-infused vibe. Over Kevin Wooten's instrumental, a bluesy arrangement that subtly intensifies throughout the cut's running time, the RCA Records singer and guest artist Elayna Boynton deliver call-and-response verses, before showcasing their vocal harmonies on the record's chorus. Watch for the Django Unchained soundtrack to hit record stores and online retailers Tuesday, December 18, in anticipation of the flick’s December 25, theatrical release. Click here for an advance look at the tracklist!