Aqualung ft. Joel Compass - Tape 2 Tape


A prolific singer, songwriter and record producer hailing from the UK (and named after the creepy old man from that Jethro Tull song), Aqualung makes his grand entrance into The DJBooth with a brand new promo single. Apparently enough time has passed for cassettes to become cool and retro, because Tape 2 Tape is influenced by the outmoded audio medium in more than its title. In addition to more traditional percussion, the headliner's beat features the rhythmic sounds of tapes flipping and rewinding. Guest singer Joel Compass's falsetto-laced verses are also heavy on the technological allusions (“Oh, why do wekeep the heads in line?”). Complete with a barn-burning electro-funk/orchestral climax, this joint is just a loosie. Those feeling it, however, can keep it locked for more fresh material from Aqualung and his talented connects.