Archie Bang - Blasphemy

  • Artist: Archie Bang
  • Track: Blasphemy
  • Producer: 12 Keyz
  • Album: Never Say Die EP

I hope y'all have surge protectors installed because, if the Man Upstairs catches you vibing out to Archie Bang's latest effort, you may find a divine lightning bolt or two headed toward your place of residence. As the title indicates, Blasphemy finds the Brooklynite expressing some, shall we say, irreverent views on the topic of religion. Backed by 12 Keyz' production, a whip-ready arrangement seasoned with tongue-in-cheek gospel-vocal samples, the emcee wryly contrasts his behavior on the Sabbath with the way in which he conducts himself during the remainder of the week. A sampled soliloquy from '97 film The Devil's Advocate drives the point home. This sinfully fresh selection is slated to appear on forthcoming EP Never Say Die, which as yet lacks a drop date. Watch our pages for further singles off the project, as well as all the latest release details!