Asher Roth ft. Action Bronson - Choices


You know those hot dog eating contests that are nothing short of pure insanity? Or like sudden death in hockey when everyone on the ice is in an absolutely frenzy to get one past the goalie and skate away triumphant? Yeah, sounds like pure excitement doesn’t it? Well, just imagine participating in a hot dog eating contest while watching hockey. That’s how excited I was when I saw that one of my favorite emcees, Asher Roth, had hooked up with an artist I’ve currently been delving into, Action Bronson, to create today’s song release Choices. Produced by Ash’s frequent production partners Blended Babies, Choices mixes elements of stringy funk rock and foot-tapping drums to create a mellifluous backdrop, allowing both Roth’s and Bronson’s undeniably unique cadences to individually stand out while overall coming into accord with one another. Roth hasn’t been afraid to leak records off his upcoming Pabst & Jazz digital album to get everyone excited and it’s working - I’ll definitely be checking the iTunes store on Tuesday, December 20.