Asher Roth - Lark On My Go Kart

  • Artist: Asher Roth
  • Track: Lark On My Go Kart
  • Producer: Oren Yoel and David Appleton
  • Album: Asleep in the Bread Aisle

Let it not be said that Asher Roth is out of touch with his audience—foregoing the traditional Tuesday release, the up-and-coming emcee has scheduled his debut studio album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, to drop on the one date college kids are sure to remember. You guessed it: 4/20 (a Monday). Need more convincing? Take a listen to the the LP's opening track; on Lark On My Go Kart, Asher spits a series of references sure to have his target demographic in hysterics, while leaving many outsiders scratching their heads. Over an unconventionally catchy beat by Oren Yoel and David Appleton, he addresses everything from Bob Saget and Troll dolls to Bluetooth and... blumpkins? While I Love College was undeniably fresh, that song's success would be hard to replicate; Lark On My Go Kart could be a better indication of where Roth is headed—if that's the case, Asher may be angling to become the Family Guy generation's rapper laureate.