Asher Roth - Pull It

  • Artist: Asher Roth
  • Track: Pull It
  • Producer: Blended Babies

When I see a rap record with the title “Pull It,” the first thing I think of is the trigger of a gun, but Asher Roth packing heat? I just can't picture it. Sure enough, the Pennsylvania repper's more interested in pulling your finger than busting any gats. Despite the hook seemingly taking inspiration from a childish prank, the record is otherwise serious in tone, with Roth ruminating on the end of a relationship over the languid percussion and synth arpeggios of project collaborators Blended Babies. As on much of his recent material, Roth splits his time between blunted flows and sung vocals. An unknown director's trippy visuals round out the package. Retrohash is out now.