Asia Cruise ft. Fabolous - Rewind

  • Artist: Asia Cruise
  • Track: Rewind ft. Fabolous
  • Feat. Fabolous
  • Producer: Chris & T
  • Album: Who Is Asia Cruise?

Though she's dropped a handful of promo singles (Selfish, Walk Me Out, and Ur Swagger) online, Asia Cruise still hasn't gotten the chance to release her debut album, Who Is Asia Cruise? Now, though, it seems that the pieces may be falling into place; on top of making USA Today's Top 5 to watch in '09, her boss, MeMpHitZ, is now hosting BET's Rap City successor, The Deal. With all that going for her, the Jacksonville native has seized the opportunity to release her latest official single. Frustrated over a relationship on the rocks, Asia asks her man to press pause and then Rewind to the point where things started going wrong, so they can fix the problems and stay together. Once again, the "King of the R&B Guest Feature," Fabolous, hops on to provide the male perspective, and Chris & T add to the cut's hit potential with their mid-tempo beat. Who Is Asia Cruise? is scheduled to hit stores sometime this year via HiTz Committee/Jive Records.