Asia Cruise - Walk Me Out

  • Artist: Asia Cruise
  • Track: Walk Me Out
  • Producer: HeadRoc [for Battery 5]
  • Album: Who Is Asia Cruise?

When R&B/pop singer Asia Cruise first started pushing her debut single, Selfish, this past November, she kept her looks a secret by using a silhouette as her lone promotional photo. Since the airing of the accompanying video (which revealed her image), however, the HiTz Committee protégé has had her eyes affixed to a man at her favorite nightspot. Hoping that they can get to know one another, Asia’s fingers are crossed that he will Walk Me Out. Setting up the backdrop for this invitation is producer HeadRoc (of Battery 5), who prepares an airy, mid-tempo piano beat. With no current release date set for her debut, Who Is Asia Cruise?, the young singer shouldn’t fret; Walk Me Out might run its way up the charts this summer.