Audio Push - Teach Me How To Jerk

  • Artist: Audio Push
  • Track: Teach Me How to Jerk
  • Producer: Kadis and Sean
  • Album: Untitled Debut

As evidenced by the positive reader response to the New Boyz' You're a Jerk and KeKe Palmer's Super Jerkin', the Booth community are nearly unanimous in their support of the jerkin' movement—only problem is, some of us (myself included) don't actually know how to jerk. Well, have no fear; Price Tag and Oktane of Audio Push, a Cali duo newly signed to Geffen Records, have taken it upon themselves to enlighten the masses. Though their new single (and Booth debut) Teach Me How To Jerk is a little heavy on the lingo for a complete neophyte, those who first refer to the twosome's helpful instructional video will find a lot to enjoy here: Kadis & Sean's stark, synth-driven beat brims with hypnotically catchy energy, and AP's verses come packed with so much deadpan innuendo I wasn't sure whether to laugh or, well, jerk (I tried, and failed pretty badly). Craving more jerk-able jams? Stay tuned for further info on the duo's debut LP, which has yet to receive a title or release date.