August Alsina - B*tches In ATL

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  • Artist: August Alsina
  • Track: B*tches In ATL
  • Producer: Brandon “Blue” Hamilton
  • Album: Untitled Acoustic Mixtape

When you're a rap megastar, a female shaking you down for a thousand bucks is no big deal; when you're an up-and-comer like August Alsina, well, "That sh*t cray." Inspired by The Throne's smash-hit single N*ggas in Paris, the Booth newcomer casts a critical eye on the oh-so-demanding B*tches in ATL on this new, Brandon “Blue” Hamilton-produced mixtape standout. Craving more? Yoiu're in luck--released October 11, Alsina's untitled, all-acoustic mixtape is available here for free download.