Avenue - Invisible Tears

  • Artist: Avenue
  • Track: Invisible Tears
  • Producer: Fade Majah
  • Album: The Chandelier View

Though it's becoming less and less taboo for men to show their emotions, even in the macho world of rap, you won't seeAvenue crying. I emphasize the word “see,” because the stoic New Englander's latest single finds him shedding a few Invisible Tears for the struggles he's endured and the loved ones he's lost over the years. Over the low-key sample work of Fade Majah, Ave spits poignantly about the sad circumstances that force inner-city youths to grow up before their time, and stresses his determination to use his musical abilities as a ticket out of the 'hood. Ryan Pinkall's official visuals round out the package. Forthcoming full-length The Chandelier View has yet to receive a drop date, but we'll keep you posted on the set as further details emerge.