Azealia Banks - Chasing Time

  • Artist: Azealia Banks
  • Track: Chasing Time
  • Producer: Steve Mostyn, Ronny FLIP Colson & Warren "Oak" Felder
  • Album: Broke With Expensive Taste

As the title of her forthcoming debut set indicates, Azealia Banks isn't making enough money to support her expensive tastes. And she's running a little low on time as well, after spending too long waiting on a man who wasn't worth her while. On her latest single, follow-up to the Booth-panned Heavy Metal & Reflective, the indie emcee asks herself, “Am I Chasing Time 'cause I wasted all mine on you?Steve Mostyn, Ronny FLIP Colson and Warren "Oak" Felder team up to craft the record's throbbing, house-informed instrumental backdrop. Is this single an improvement over its predecessor? Debate away—and watch our pages for more fresh cuts leading up to the yet-unscheduled release of Broke With Expensive Taste.