Azekel - Chronophobia

  • Artist: Azekel
  • Track: Chronophobia
  • Producer: Azekel
  • Album: Untitled (TBA)

When you're deathly afraid of mayonnaise or snakes, you at least have the option of steering clear of delis or tall grass. Azekel's Chronophobia, on the other hand, offers no chance of escape; after all, time's passing all the, uh, time. On his latest feature, single numero uno off his next project, the alt-R&B reflects on his anxiety over aging, and expresses the worry that life will pass him by. Azekel's beat cleverly mirrors the joint's subject matter, featuring a deliberate, inexorable rhythm section accented by tongue-clicks that evoke a clock ticking the moments away. Bound for release early next year, the set to which this record will be attached as yet lacks a solid drop date, but fans can, of course, keep it locked to the Booth for all the latest.