Azizi Gibson - Claustrophobic

  • Artist: Azizi Gibson
  • Track: Claustrophobic
  • Producer: Kamandi
  • Album: The Last EP

In life as well as art, many people find structure reassuring. Azizi Gibson ain't one of 'em; try to trap the Los Angeles rhymesayer in a box, and before long he'll be clawing at the walls like he's Claustrophobic. On single numero uno off his next EP, Gibson wears his nonconformity as a badge of honor, proudly proclaiming, “I'd rather be free than in a cage.Kamandi's production is every bit as out-of-the-ordinary as the artist's bars, incorporating springy synths, distorted vocal samples and syrupy-slow trap percussion. Like what you're hearing? Then mark your calendars for the February 3, release of Gibson's next project, ominously titled The Last EP.