Baby Boy Da Prince ft. Cassidy - Damela


Baby Boy Da Prince is back, but he's changed considerably since we last heard from him. Probably due to the lukewarm sales of his debut, Across the Water, the New Orleans native will release his sophomore album on indie Extreme Entertainment, leaving his one-and-done label deal with Universal Republic. Da Prince has also adopted a new alias, Damela - yeah, we know what you're thinking: “Isn't that some sort of girl's name?” According to Baby Boy it is merely an abbreviated way of saying, “Damn, I look” (e.g., Damela good, Damela fine). On his new single of the same name, Philadelphia native Cassidy (yes, that Cassidy) drops by for a hot guest verse, which will undoubtedly make a few East Coast purists a tad mad. But, hey, it's all about being catchy and entertaining, right?