Bago - Plenty Green

  • Artist: Bago
  • Track: Plenty Green
  • Producer: Caswell
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

On her DJBooth debut, featured on our front page way back in 2012, Bago told a disloyal man, “I Forget You.” At the time, it seemed like a witty way of saying she did not forgive him, but now I'm thinking the line might have been more literal: after all, when you smoke Plenty Green, your short-term memory is bound to suffer. Granted, this promo single is more concerned with the diabolical allure of currency than with that other kind of green stuff, but both Bago's vocals and Caswell's production have a languid, smoky vibe that lends support to my alternate interpretation. Unattached to anything larger, Green can be purchased now on iTunes.