Ballgreezy ft. Charles Reed - Jook Wit Me

  • Artist: Ballgreezy
  • Track: Jook Wit Me ft. Charles Reed
  • Feat. Charles Reed
  • Producer: Gorilla Tek [for Drum Majors]
  • Album: Ballgreezy: Mr. Shone

Still on the radar of several major labels, rapper Ballgreezy is back in the Booth to ride out the recent wave of Miami-based hip hop success. Making a switch to grown-and-sexy music, Greezy asks the ladies to Jook Wit Me, which, for those unfamiliar, is a non-suggestive way to ask women to shake their hips. Producer Gorilla Tek (from the Drum Majors) appropriately slows the tempo from the fast-paced Shone, while Charles Reed lends his soothing and persuasive voice to the track. Could these ingredients lead to the perfect elixir? Find out when Ballgreezy’s new album, Ballgreezy: Mr. Shone, drops next spring.