Barak The Rapper - Transparent

  • Artist: Barak The Rapper
  • Track: Transparent
  • Producer: Ollerom
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Keeping it real is an unwritten law in Hip-Hop expectation, artists are expected to be honest and candid behind the microphone, every verse is treated as a statement made while your left hand sits on a bible. L.A. transplant Barak The Rapper has no issue voicing his life, he wants his listeners to hear him in the most sincere light, and he captures this feeling in new release Transparent. Barak spills his guts and soul over the sped-up, soulful production from 17-year-old Illinois native, Ollerom. The song is a strong release with genuine lyrics from a young artist's perspective; Barak has nothing to hide, he's absolutely transparent, expect all forthcoming music to be this honest and candid.



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