Beanie Sigel ft. R. Kelly - All The Above

  • Artist: Beanie Sigel
  • Track: All The Above ft. R. Kelly
  • Feat. R. Kelly
  • Producer: The Runners
  • Album: The Solution

Remember what R. Kelly did for the Young Jeezy smash, Go Getta? Okay, well this is Go Getta all over again, except Jeezy is Beanie Sigel and the song is titled, All The Above. Referring to himself constantly as a ‘gangster,’ Sigel is tight with his rhymes and flows effortlessly over a solid beat contribution from the Miami duo, The Runners, while Kelly again takes an opportunity to explain his love for "popping a bottle of Crys”; doesn’t he know we already know that about him? Nonetheless, the collaboration is solid and can be found on Sigel's comeback album, The Solution, set to drop before 2008.