Beastie Boys ft. Nas - Too Many Rappers (Unreleased Video)


I spend all day listening to fresh tunes, and even I often get frustrated at my inability to keep up with everything going on in the world of hip-hop. There are just Too Many f**king Rappers. Even so, I'm never too busy to dust off an old favorite by the Beastie Boys, especially when it comes complete with some never-before-seen visuals. For whatever reason, Roman Coppola's clip wasn't released back in 2009, when the Nas-assisted banger was selected as a single, but—especially in the wake of MCA's untimely death—fans are sure to appreciate this cinematic celebration of the group's three decade-plus career in the game. Too Many Rappers can be found on the Beastie Boys' eighth and final LP, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.