Ben Stevenson - Imagining You

  • Artist: Ben Stevenson
  • Track: Imagining You
  • Producer: August Rigo, Ben Stevenson

When you're in love, you have a one-track mind; anything and everything can remind you of that special guy or girl. In cases where your affection is unreciprocated, you've got to be careful lest your fantasies run away with you like Ben Stevenson's do on his latest EP single. Featured along with an uncredited director's trippy, sensual official video, this record finds the T-Dot crooner lamenting the iron grip a certain shawty has on his mental, despite the fact that she's no longer (...or has she ever been?) part of his life. Project collaborator Happy Perez steps aside here, making way for Stevenson and co-producer August Rigo, who provide a wispy synth beat to accompany the artist's ever-impressive vocals. For Imagining You and much more, cop Ben's Dirty Laundry EP, available for free streaming and download right here in the Booth.