Bertell ft. T-Pain & Bow Wow - Headboard Pt. 2

  • Artist: Bertell
  • Track: Headboard Pt. 2
  • Feat. T-Pain, Bow Wow
  • Producer: Squat & Bryan Cox
  • Album: Untitled (TBD)

Freaks, unbuckle your pants! Sike nah, don't do that, but do get ready to hit a full body roll with Bertell's new single Headboard Pt. 2 featuring T-Pain and Bow Wow. Depending on how you get down, this song can be the intro to a fun night of um...activities, or it can be the closer to a marathon...if you catch my drift (wink,wink) Bertell sounds like the past 6 years of R&B music, pushing Squat and Bryan Cox's drumkit and auto-tune machine to the max for a 2011 version of something you can never get tired of: sex. Along with a typically catchy 16 from Pain, Bow Wow adds his two cents worth, which somewhat fizzles at the end in an attempt to get complicated on a song that really only needs a nice sound system. With respect to the godfather of Bump & Grind, R. Kelly, threaded through his sound, I'm certain Bertell will get his fair share of um...assistants... to boost this song throughout the summer. No title or release date yet but the Booth will surely keep you posted!