Beyoncé ft. Lee Carr - If I Were A Boy (Remix)

  • Artist: Beyoncé
  • Track: If I Were A Boy (Remix)
  • Feat. Leron Young
  • Producer: Toby Gad
  • Album: Unreleased

Wherever there's a “ladies anthem” that involves a little misandry, there is usually a remix from the male perspective not too far behind. In this case, the cut in question is Beyoncé's quickly-rising hit If I Were A Boy, which has been given an unofficial remix treatment by R&B singer Lee Carr. Not willing to merely stand by and let B criticize men and their supposedly chauvinistic ways, Carr offers an opposing hypothetical “if you were my girl” perspective. No matter what gender you are, you cannot argue with the New York native's message; neither gender is completely innocent when it comes to romantic relationships. Beyoncé’s third studio album, the two-disc I Am…Sasha Fierce, will be available in stores and online on November 18.