Birdman ft. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Young Jeezy - Always Strapped (Remix)


When Lil Wayne first released Always Strapped, few expected the record to achieve the level of success it has.  Birdman, however, saw the then-mixtape track's true potential, and reworked it for release as the lead single off his forthcoming senior album, Priceless. About three years later, the single version has peaked at #65 on the Billboard Hot 100.  You know what that means: time for an official remix!  Where others would settle for a few added guest features, the recession-proof Birdman goes all out, calling on the 100 Million gang for a truly epic revamp. After an unusually brief (and quiet) DJ Khaled intro, Weezy spits a brand new opener. Rick Ross and Young Jeezy handle the middle section, firing off their most potent lyrical ammunition before making way for Birdman himself, who brings out the big guns on his closing verse—even Mr. Beatz turns up the firepower, contributing a slightly-tweaked instrumental. It all adds up to a Rambo-esque musical rampage sure to take the Southern streets by storm.