Bizarre - So Hard (Letter To Proof)

  • Artist: Bizarre
  • Track: So Hard (Letter To Proof) ft. Monica Blair
  • Album: Blue Cheese & Coney Island

It's never easy to lose one of your closest friends. Just ask D12's Bizarre, who finds life So Hard since the death of band mate Proof back in spring 2006. Taking an opportunity to reminisce, Bizzare recalls Proof as one of his few friends growing up, showing their connection went well beyond hip-hop. Perhaps encouraged by Monica Blair's strong and soulful hook, (and knowing Proof would want him to continue), Biz ultimately commits to moving forward with his rap career, even promising another D12 album. Before that album is released, however, Bizarre’s solo project, Blue Cheese & Coney Island, will drop off Koch Records on October 23rd.