Black Milk ft. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson - Scum


It's very easy to greet every new Black Milk release with excitement, he has consistently suppressed our every expectation by being one of the most compelling creators despite criminal under-appreciation. It's very easy to greet every new Random Axe release with tears of joy, since the super group that consist of Guilty Simpson, Sean Price, and Milk conjoined, they've gifted nothing short of elite soundscapes. They aren't as consistent as Slaughterhouse, making every release that more valuable. Black Milk reunites with his two buddies for his latest single, Scum. Black's production still gives off a feeling of uncovering buried treasure, you'll be pulled into the explosive drums, the growling bass, and did we mention every artist has his own beat? Man, it's a trifecta of monstrous raps and instrumental greatness. Black Milk's latest album If There's A Hell Below is slated for release on November 4.