Black Milk - What's It Worth

  • Artist: Black Milk
  • Track: What It's Worth
  • Producer: Black Milk

It's Thursday morning, the stressful job is drowning you in redundant work, and the only glimmer of hope that keeps you sane is the promise of Friday. You might find yourself looking in the mirror, pondering if all this work is worth the strain and struggle? Well, if anyone feels your frustration it's Booth favorite Black Milk. The Detroit emcee/producer channels the weight of the artist life, debating internally What's It Worth. The King David-directed video shows Black in complete solitude, drowning in stress, using immaculate rapper hands as the introspective narrative spills out from the soul. To aid in your quest to Friday, we recommend you clock out, and stream Black Milk's latest album, If There's A Hell Below, as it's definitely keeping us going.