Blue Scholars - HI-808


Though it would be naïve to assume that the Aloha State's all about poi, ukuleles, and getting lei-ed by grass-skirted hula girls, the fact of the matter is that most mainlanders—myself included—have only the vaguest notions of what goes on in the “real Hawaii.” Straight outta Honolulu, emcee/producer duo Blue Scholars are here to deliver the inside scoop in a fresh, head-bobbing hip-hop package. On HI-808, the Scholars' Booth debut and the lead single off their forthcoming EP, rapper Geologic takes listeners on a tour of his home streets, touching on such topics as the state's ice (that is, methamphetamine) epidemic and sizable military population, as well as paying tribute to the tropical climate and the local party scene. Complete with a street-certified, organ-driven instrumental by DJ/producer Sabzi, this track is both ear-catching and lyrically real—if your interest is piqued, say “Aloha” (in the “Hello” sense) to the duo's OOF! EP when it drops August 25th.