Bobby V x Marley Waters - Trippy

  • Artist: Bobby V
  • Track: Trippy
  • Producer: DJ Marley Waters
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Lately, Bobby V. has been exhibiting the telltale symptoms of an addiction: euphoria, reckless spending, obsessive thought processes, the works. It's not a chemical substance that's got him feeling “Trippy all day,” however; none too surprisingly, a woman is the culprit. DJ Marley Waters co-writes and co-headlines this catchy promo single, serving up a bubbly synth beat as the R&B singer lets us know just how far he's willing to go—and how much he's willing to spend—for the girl in question. This joint isn't part of a larger project but, if you've fallen in love with it, you can keep your browsers locked for all the latest from both Bobby V. and Marley Waters.