Boris ft. Kembe X - Civilized Animals

  • Artist: Boris
  • Track: Civilized Animals
  • Feat. Kembe X
  • Producer: Relta
  • Album: WWW EP

Between ostentatious comparisons (to god, name it) and crazy nicknames, rapper have always had"interesting" sense of reality. Booth newcomer Boris and his guest Kembe X happen to fall into this category. On Boris' latest single, a DJBooth world premiere, the pair deem themselves Civilized Animals, but the way they ransack the beat is anything but civilized. Producer Relta's staggered, swirling beat doesn't stand a chance when Boris gets a hold if it. It's not so much that both flow in an aggressive and high-octane manner, but their grimy, raw feel simply devours the beat; like a lion slowly stalking and then chowing down on a helpless gazelle. If Civilized Animals struck a chord with you, be sure to keep Boris' upcoming EP, WWW, on your radar.