Boss Hogg Outlawz ft. Ray J - Keep It Playa


Last year, Slim Thug’s Boss Hogg Outlawz released their group debut, Serve & Collect. While the album was served to the public, consumers were slow to collect the project. And though it received favorable reviews, it was widely deemed a failure. Despite the ups and downs, however, the group is back with a new project on the horizon. Following the Outlawz' new street single Ride With No Ceiling, which garnered a lukewarm response inside the Booth, the ensemble offers up the ladies' jam, Keep It Playa. Featuring the crafty production of H-Town’s Mr. Lee and the hook work of Koch labelmate Ray J, Keep It Playa can be best summed up as a clear-cut effort to gain radio play. Following this reused and recycled formula that has made many a one-hit-wonder; will the Outlawz experience the same fate? Slim’s crew will drop Serve & Collect 2 later this summer.