Brianna Perry - Attitude


On her last feature, R&B songstress/emcee Brianna Perry attempted to reclaim the word “b*tch" by transforming it into an acronym for “Beautiful, Intelligent, Tough Chick in Heels.” The Sisterhood of Hip Hop star's latest effort has a very different sound, but sees her displaying the same brash, self-confident attitude. Here, Perry sets aside her “R&B singer” hat to showcase her skills as an emcee. Trinity's mid-tempo production, built around a one-note bassline and a booming, syncopated rhythm section, sets the stage for bold and arrogant bars chronicling Perry's nonstop hustle for money and respect. Attitude is just a loosie but, if you're feeling it, you can stay tuned for more fresh material from the multitalented Atlantic/Poe Boy recording artist.