Britney Spears ft. AC - What You Sippin' On?

  • Artist: Britney Spears
  • Track: What You Sippin' On?
  • Feat. AC
  • Producer: Tricky Stewart
  • Album: Blackout

For months people were asking, "What is Britney Spears drinking?" Now, Britney is asking the same question. On a possible inclusion to her yet-to-be-titled comeback album (dropping this November), Spears has hooked up with producer Tricky Stewart for the song, What You Sippin' On?. The mid-tempo track has the same familiar drum pattern as Nas' I Can; except here lyricism has been replaced by sexiness. If Stewart could help Rihanna to finally blow up, whose to say he couldn't help Britney regain her old self with a little rhythm included? After all, come the end of the song Britney does a 'soul clap' ...