Broad Way Sleep - Brand New Muse

  • Artist: Broad Way Sleep
  • Track: Brand New Muse
  • Producer: Ralph Joseph, Robert Bolton, Sarah Shafey, Jeremy Glenn
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Artistic inspiration comes in all forms--many of which, unfortunately, are hazardous to one's health. Don't take it from me, though; take it from Booth newcomers Ralph Joseph, Sarah Shafey, Robert Bolton and Alexander The of Broad Way Sleep, who recount the Tiger Woods-like drama of a playboy and his many mistresses on new promo single Brand New Muse. Joseph, Shafey and Bolton collaborate with Jeremy Glenn behind the boards, crafting a brooding synth backdrop for their narrative bars. Interest piqued? You'll be able to find this record and much more on the group's forthcoming, currently-untitled EP release, scheduled to drop before the end of 2012.