Brothers From Another ft. Mackenzie Thoms - Want It All


Tiglo and Cole of Seattle hip-hop trio Brothers From Another are devoted to their hustle—I mean, it's two weeks into 2015 and they've already released a three-pack of original songs—but they're wise enough to realize that play is at least as important as work. Want It All, a standout off the aforementioned project, epitomizes their diligent, yet carefree life philosophy. Though the jam's title references the emcees' lofty aspirations in the game, the verses they deliver over Neema Skeemz and Elan Wright's breezy boardwork find them rapping the praises of slackerdom: “Don't you know the world's gonna end? / I suggest you spend your time doin' bullsh*t with your friends.Mackenzie Thoms lends his sung vocals to the outro. For Want It All and more, cop the 3-Peat EP, available online for free streaming and download.