Bryan-Michael Cox - All I Want Is You

  • Artist: Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Track: All I Want Is You
  • Producer: B. Cox
  • Album: The Beautiful Life According to the Words and Sounds

Just about every modern-day urban producer has tried to record solo material of their own. Some projects have produced successful results (Lil' Jon, Kanye, Pharrell, Timbo), while other projects can’t say the same (Swizzy, Mannie Fresh). Stepping up for the R&B producers is Bryan-Michael Cox, who tells the all-too familiar story of a man who's been with oh-so-many women before finding Mrs. Right. Eager to retire from his playa’ days, Cox musters the overused (but always successful) line: “All I Want Is You.” While listeners will no doubt be wowed by Cox's singing skill, his slowed-down then sped-up production style is what the industry has come to love from this musical master. Cox plans to release the first installment of his The Beautiful Life According to the Words and Sounds of BMC later this year.