Mr. Robotic - We Got Em!!!

  • Artist: Mr. Robotic
  • Track: We Got Em!!!
  • Producer: Vanysh
  • Album: Unreleased

The industry's best and brightest should take a listen to newcomer Bullet, who has just put listeners on blast on the fiery We Got 'Em!!!. This unreleased song finds Bullet flaunting his suave rhymes and approach as he verbally challenges posers, cleverly disposes of the fakers, dismisses gangsta attitudes, and then switches it up to show off exactly what he’s got. It's clear that, from Pharrell's BBC-line shoes to the sexy lady all the other dudes covet, Bullet seems to want it all. Producer Vanysh serves up a steaming heap of head-nodding drums, which give Bullet a fitting backdrop over which to showcase his talents. Though Bullet's latest album, Back to the Lyrics, dropped in July, he's still on his grind and is expecting a big 2009.