Bump J - Chevy Fresh Out

Publish date:
  • Artist: Bump J
  • Track: Chevy Fresh Out
  • Producer: Eloh [For Cold City Prod]
  • Album: Dinner Time Vol. 1 (Hosted by Sean Mac)

In late 2005, Chicago rapper Bump J was supposed to release his debut album, Nothing to Lose, off Atlantic Records. Unfortunately, the Goon Squad representative never got the chance. Following the Kanye West-produced single, Move Around, Bump got mixed up in the label shuffle (a dance nobody likes to do) and less than three years later is once again grinding independently. Hungry and ready to unleash a surplus of material, Bump is preparing a new mixtape, Dinner Time Vol. 1, hosted by Shadyville DJ Sean Mac. Off the new release is the Eloh-produced banger, Chevy Fresh Out, which proves you don’t need to reside in Houston to talk about candy paint and rims. Though the material seems recycled, Bump’s Midwest swagger glistens.