Busta Rhymes ft. Lil' Wayne & Ludacris - Throw It Up


Similar to NFL players, whose careers, on average, last only three seasons, most professional rappers are unable to maintain longevity in their industry. The legendary Busta Rhymes is a shining example of a rapper who has bucked this trend. Rhymes has been on top of his game since he released his debut, The Coming, in March of 1996, and he is now excitedly awaiting the release of his appropriately-titled eighth studio album, Blessed. On the newly-leaked record, Throw It Up, Rhymes calls-in favors to past collaborators Ludacris and Lil’ Wayne, and all three artists rhyme over a heavily-synthesized Cool & Dre production. Despite being delayed because of sample clearance issues, Blessed is set to drop later this summer.
Note: The streaming of “Throw It Up” has temporarily been suspended.