Busta Rhymes ft. Teddy Riley - Lights, Camera, Action

  • Artist: Busta Rhymes
  • Track: Lights, Camera, Action ft. Teddy Riley
  • Producer: Teddy Riley
  • Album: I’ve Already Outshined Your Favorite Rapper Mixtape

Busta Rhymes and Teddy Riley are making a movie and it isn’t the kind you’ll find in theaters this summer. Going back to his days as a member of the singing groups Guy and Blackstreet, feature singer/producer Teddy Riley acts as the director, while Rhymes lays down three verses that are wrapped around asking his women to play out their fantasies… on camera. After hearing “Lights, Camera, Action,” Busta uses his veteran experience to carry the song movie, but does so in an unorthodox manner. Rapping as slow as Shawty Lo (possibly even slower), Busta knows it takes time to perfect a wide screen debut and leaves his Speedy Gonzales flow at home. Could a film deal be far behind?