Busta Rhymes - Light Up A Fire

  • Artist: Busta Rhymes
  • Track: Light Up a Fire
  • Producer: Don Cannon
  • Album: B.O.M.B.

For years, quality hip-hop music has been described using the word “fire.” The legendary Busta Rhymes, however, has always taken this concept to a whole different level. A brief glance at Rhymes’ catalog and you’ll notice three heat-related titles, one album cover engulfed in flames (E.L.E.), and a plethora of songs, like Fire, You Can't Hold the Torch, and Hot Sh*t Makin' Ya Bounce, which allude to his obsession with one of the four elements. Adding a new notch to his flaming belt is the Don Cannon-produced Light Up A Fire, which tentatively is scheduled to appear on the New York native’s forthcoming release, B.O.M.B.. For more Busta Bus, listen and look for his new radio single, Arab Money, impacting at radio stations nationwide next week.