C Dot Castro - F**k About You

  • Artist: Shy Grey
  • Track: F**k About You
  • Producer: Jae Faive
  • Album: Don't Over Think

Earlier this month, C Dot Castro made his debut on our pages with self-explanatory single F**k The Word. Three weeks and one single release later it seems the Maryland native has shifted his anger away from the planet and toward a person. Presumably, on F**k About You, the target of his latest record is an ex-girlfriend with whom he was once in love. Over the boardwork of producer Jae Faive, Castro admits that he is far from perfect and has a tendency to mask his emotions, but his focus must now be placed solely on taking care of himself. F**k About You will appear on debut mixtape Don't Over Think, set for free release on Monday, January 12.