C Dot Castro - Let It Go

  • Artist: Shy Grey
  • Track: Let It Go
  • Producer: Jay Faive
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Over the holiday break, my family persuaded me to watch Frozen, and while I definitely didn't hate it, I didn't appreciate having Idina Menzel's Let It Go running through my head for a week. Reading the name of C Dot Castro's latest feature had me humming it once again, but I can't be too mad at the DMV repper, since hisLet It Go is more than catchy enough to replace the former in my mental. Here, an exhilarating Jay Faive beat bumps in the back as Castro urges listeners to cut loose and have a good time. Brooke Aulani's ear-grabbing hook vocals round out the package. Fans will be able to find Let It Go and much more on the artist's debut project, Don't Over Think, slated to drop independently January 12.