Calliko ft. Mic Terror & Sir Michael Rocks - Flickin


Typically, when rappers try to popularize their favorite slang terms, those not in the know are forced to either check Urbandictionary or guess based on context. Calliko, on the other hand, has decided to spell it all out on new single and #TreatedTuesday entry Flickin, which opens with a definition of the title: “Let me explain the word 'flickin' to you white folks / 'fore you get this sh*t twisted like a micro / That's when you fresher than the Caddy with the white walls.” Fellow Chi-town rhymesayers Mic Terror and Sir Michael Rocks weigh in on the guest tip, lacing DJ O-Zone's syncopated grooves with valuable pointers on looking and sounding maximally fly. Fans will be able to find Flickin' and much more on The Good Fly Young, scheduled for release “soon.”