Cam Meekins - Cool

  • Artist: Cam Meekins
  • Track: Cool
  • Producer: Cam Meekins
  • Album: January EP

Like pornography, Coolness is one of those things that are difficult to define, yet instantly recognizable. You simply know it when you see it—or hear it, in the case of Cam Meekins and his latest single. I'm not sure whether it's the Boston buzzmaker's witty lyrics and laid-back, conversational flow or the leisurely, artist-produced beat, but the record just seems to epitomize that ineffable quality. After you've given this jam a listen, you, too, may find yourself asking, “Damn homie, how you be so cool?” If that's the case, you'll most definitely want to cop Cam's three-track January EP when it drops next Tuesday, the 13th.