Camp 22 - Crank Dat Yank

  • Artist: Camp 22
  • Track: Crank Dat Yank
  • Producer: Lil' A
  • Album: TBD

While everyone is familiar with Soulja Boy and his now world-famous Crank Dat dance, it's four young men from Atlanta, Georgia, who deserve some of the credit. Formerly known as the Cash Camp, the rap quartet of Lil Playboy, Young Jit, Yella Boy Trent, and Lil Lite are the originators of recording dance moves and throwing them online. Following Soulja Boy’s signing at Interscope, the newly named Camp 22 was invited on tour with the teen sensation and instantly created a buzz for themselves. Thanks to that hype, the foursome signed a record deal with Epic, and a debut album is on the way. Kicking off the fun is the song Crank Dat Yank, a similar-sounding rap/dance mixture, which is produced by Lil’ A.