Camp Lo ft. Ski - Another Heist

  • Artist: Camp Lo
  • Track: Another Heist
  • Producer: Ski
  • Album: Another Heist

Fans of blaxploitation-funk beats and slangtastically hip rhymes rejoice—Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede have rejoined forces with Ski Beatz for Another Heist! On the lead single and title track off the EP that will be Camp Lo's first non-mixtape release since '07's Black Hollywood LP, the veteran duo and their longtime production partner embark upon the caper of a lifetime. After making sure everyone in the building has their hands in the air, Stone, Rob, and Ski launch into a winding crime narrative that develops into an extended metaphor for their musical career. Over Ski's cinematic electric guitar/organ accompaniment, the “boogie down Bronx” vets make clear that they'll stop at nothing to escape with the goods, warning all who would stand in their way to reconsider or risk ending up inside a chalk outline. Will this Heist be the one that finally gets Camp Lo the shine they deserve? I certainly hope so, but we won't know for sure till October 20th, when the EP hits online retailers and record stores everywhere.